2018 Annual Report

Because we are a member-owned cooperative, we are constantly pushing for as much transparency as possible when it comes to our reporting. Every year we publish our financial data for all our membership to see because our membership has a vested interest in our success!

We are a triple bottom line business, which means all our decisions are based on the answers to three questions – is it a good financial decision? Is it a good environmental decision? Is it a good social decision? We are always striving to take the path that most helps our business, supports a sustainable environment, and cares for our community and communities around the world.

As such, we are excited every year to share relevant data that impacts our triple bottom line and how we are holding ourselves to the highest possible standard for all three measures of a successful business.

The most important information we provide in our yearly annual report is our profit statement. Without running a smart, financially successful business, we won’t have the resources to provide for our community and the environment.




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