Pea Shoots are the New French Fries


Staff pick from Nicole Sallaberry:

“Pea Shoots are the new French Fries! Soon all over town you’ll be hearing in restaurants “Would you like a side of pea shoots with that?” and “May I have a side of pea shoots with that?” New Harvest Farm is only a mile from our store and has been providing our store with fresh nutritious pea shoots year round week after week for 5 years! Pea shoots are by far the most consistent readily available local food that we have. Pea shoots are perfect, even for the laziest food prepper among us – a lot of folks just munch on these right out of the bag. Just add lemon juice, some olive oil, salt, and you’ve got yourself a salad. You can purchase them in our produce department or opt for some bulk savings and order them by the 1/2 pound or full pound at WWW.DROPP.COOP.”

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