Love Your Trucker

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According the the City of Reno ‘s Sustainability Manager, Lynn Barker, Washoe County has less than 2 days of food security. This means that if the I-80 pass closes down for more than a day that we will start to see bare shelves. As a native Nevadan who not only cares about our community’s ability to eat good food but also the massive impact that agriculture has on the health of our ecological environment, this makes me want to work harder to develop LOCAL & REGIONAL FOOD SYSTEMS. It also makes me incredibly grateful for all of those truck drivers who I see chugging along every trip I make over the pass. These companies bring us all of the goods that we don’t yet produce in our food shed and they work long hours in oftentimes frightful conditions to bring us (and the entire Northern Part of NV) our foods and general merch supplies EVERY DARN DAY.

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