Spirit of the Season


These red bell peppers are just in from the North Pole! Just kidding, we got em from California. Ever wonder why produce changes colors? All bell peps start out green and as they mature, they break down chlorophyl, which if you remember anything from science class, is that tiny stuff that makes plants green. Its just like the leaves changing on trees every fall – days shorten and the supply of sun-dependent chlorophyl declines. The cool thing about peppers is you can eat them at any stage/color. Kinda makes you wonder about the flavor of a bright yellow maple leaf, no? Anyways, as the pepper ripens, sugars and Vitamin C accumulate, which is why the bright reds, oranges and yellows tend to be much sweeter and actually more nutritive than greens and purples. This time of year its common to see some residual green on the shelves, as the ripening of the finicky bell pepper is altered by decreased daylight and less stable temperatures in the California valley.

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