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In lieu of GF sandwich options at the co-op right now, we have plenty of grab n go dishes that are not only gluten free but also paleo, vegan, organic and made with local ingredients. We have been playing around with new recipes and ways to serve our GF sammies that will do justice to our favorite, Bread SRSLY. Basically we need to grill the bread or it’s gross, which means we won’t bring them back until the upstairs cafe opens in the coming months.
This is last night’s rendition of a veggie sweet/savory gourmet melt:
2 slices Bread SRSLY
Fry each side in 1 tbsp organic valley butter and then reduce heat so that the cheese melts but the bread does not burn (a lid helps too)
Side A – Organic Valley Muenster Cheese
Side B – Kingdom’s Organic Sharp Cheddar
Once each side is oozing with melted cheese remove from the pan and assemble other toppings of your choice inside: chipotle mayo, New Harvest pea shoots, organic avocado, thin slices of red onion, OG tomato, etc.
Top with a fruit preserve of your choice, pictured here is the last jar of Holley Family Farms Christmas jam, a very special treasure. We still have Lattin Farms organic cantaloupe, raspberry and jalapeno jams in stock!

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