This Book is Rad!

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A cute little older gentleman comes into the coop nearly every day and shops for his daughter, who has a rare “physical project” that she is treating with whole foods. One day I asked him if he needed help and he proceeded to tell me about this book…turns out I was the one who needed some info. “Life Changing Foods” is written by medical medium, Anthony William. At four years old he was visited by a spirit who told him to announce that “Grandma had cancer” at the dinner table. While this was probably spooky for his family, they got her tested and they revealed the truth in Anthony’s words. From then on forward, he has acted as a medium for spiritual insight into the diseases that lifestyle factors that contribute to human health.

After nearly 20 years as a researcher for the curative powers of food, working conditions in agricultural industries, and food system/access issues, I have never been met with the kind of content this book has to offer. My brain has been thinking entirely differently about the scientifically discovered and assessed macro and micro nutrients and minerals in food…and I’ve found myself asking questions about the trauma cycles of food, the geographical growing “energies” carried forth in food, and the energy bodies and emotional state of the humans touching those crops. In a time where there is so much contradictory and supposedly “scientific” information out there about food and wellness, things can get confusing fast. “Life Changing Foods” offers a completely unique and fresh perspective on the most magical of all the edibles we have at our fingertips: produce!

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