2016 Annual Report – GROWTH

Our team of statisticians have wrapped up with all the number crunching for 2016 and we are pleased to present to you our first bit of data. Last year the most popular phrase uttered by a co-op staff member was “…growing at 25 percent…” which narrowly beat out both “are you a member-owner?” and the ever-popular Benke-ism “Hellur” [which rumor has it is a 2017 Merriam Webster candidate]. So yeah, the GBCFC officially grew at 25.57% year over year… thats 3,826,041 in dollars – holy smokes. This is pretty unheard of, especially in the co-op world. Looking back, the year was a whirlwind of new systems, rapid change, and a lot of long days often punctuated with the feeling of juggling flaming bowling pins while balancing one of those spinning plate-on-a-stick things with your foot. Though a little out of breath, we are incredibly excited to be in this position, and we would like to sincerely thank our local farmers and producers, community partners, our dedicated board, loyal membership, and everyone who has supported the co-op for helping to make it happen.

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