2016 Annual Report – WATER

While its true that the current Sierra Nevada snowpack is at a 22 year high, it wasn’t too long ago [you guys remember 2015?] that measurements were showing the lowest recorded amount – just 5% of the average. Of course this made for some pretty challenging conditions for everyone in our watershed – especially those brave souled high desert farmers. We may even have had a few staff members get on the “once a week shower” program… The GBCFC abides by a triple bottom line business approach, whereby we measure each decision three ways – giving equal consideration to the social, environmental, and financial impact. So of course we do everything we can to reduce our water usage – we want to make sure our friends downstream are getting as much H2o as they can, which means more local produce in the store – go cooperation! In 2016 we reduced our yearly water usage by a whopping 23 percent!

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 1.06.19 PM

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