Snakes, Compost, & Leadership

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Andrew Yokom, our Store Operations manager, helped me snake the employee bathroom in the basement when I couldn’t get the U-pipe to quit leaking (even after disassembling and assembling it like 5 times and cleaning out the crazy smelling crud!!). This was yet another moment of realizing that I only tend to respect folks who aren’t afraid or above the dirty work, especially the “bosses”. Took this for granted because my parents raised us like that, but have gotten to see a different world as an adult and am sometimes pretty surprised by how we relegate the rituals of cleaning and so called dirty work… In order for us humans to have an intimate understanding of our waste and refuse systems, we need to be “in them” and understanding all aspects of where we send our byproducts. What would happen if every politician had to grow their own food for a year and clean the bathrooms in the space that they worked in? True leaders lead from the ground up and they understand the ways they are impacting the systems that they are empowered to make decisions about.
As leaders of this coop, today’s maintenance and janitorial work helped us to identify the need for new meat and dairy compost systems. We are hoping to try the Bokashi method where you layer coffee grounds and newspaper along with a microbial infusion. This becomes an anaerobic environment that needs to have a spigot attached for the organic based “acid bath” that comes out. Folks can then take the acid solution and pour it down their drains as a safe and non toxic (non water polluting) way to break up drain slime, crud, hair, etc.
After a few weeks you can add this breakdown directly into your garden or compost mix! BOOM – reduction of animal products in the landfill, a homemade natural drain cleaner and nutrients for growing more food!

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