Jorge of Bi-Rite Market

Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 10.41.32 AM

Food Rockstars in Reno! We are so blessed to get to spend the morning with Jorge, the manager of @biritesf community market in SF. Jorge and his husband Jeff are passing through on vacation and just happened to find us on their phones. I got a little wet in the eyes when Jorge came upstairs and introduced himself, gushing his enthusiasm for how much he loved our little coop. The honor is genuinely ours though! For years Bi-Rite Market has been my favorite grocery store in the USA…aaaand trust me, i’ve seen a lot of independent, corporate and community-owned markets. Bi-Rite stole my heart when I learned that they have their own farm that supplies their produce department. Beyond their own harvest, they almost exclusively purchase local fruits and veggies from farmers that grow them in the Bay Area foodshed. Across the street from their store located on 18th (Mission District), they have their creamery, which churns out small handmade batches of unique ice cream flavors on a daily using @strausmilk organic cream and milk. The real death trap for me though is their Petaluma sourced Buffalo Milk soft serve @double8dairy …this might be gross to some of you but on our last management grocery store field trip to the Bay, I ate 6 buffalo cones…and probably could have eaten 1 more if the ridicule from my peers didn’t deter me.

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