Sierra Valley Farms


Meet Lou, Gary Romano’s father and main sidekick at Sierra Valley Farms. As a retired flower producer, Lou brought his wife a bouquet 3 times a week. Needless to say, they stayed married 58 years before she passed about 4 back. Cultivating healthy relationships is something this family is good at, whether that’s in the human realm or with the soil. Gary Romano fosters some of the most fertile and nutrient dense soil we’ve ever seen…and you can taste the difference in his organic mixed greens and arugula. He told us that the high amounts of Boron in his soil not only makes them aesthetically perfect but this mineral is a big reason why his lettuces are some of the sweetest we’ve ever tried. Truly nothing like Sierra Valley Farms greens! No wonder chefs like Natalie at 4th Street Bistro and @markestee of @libertyexchange swear by Gary’s veggies. Check out more photos from our visit… Sierra Valley Farms photos

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