The Goods Are In From Hungry Mother Organics

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Celebrate Independent Farmers and Food Systems this weekend by picking up a case of local @hungrymotherorganics tomatoes and/or cucumbers! Reno, you guys asked for more local food and these guys stepped up their game to provide year round access to some beautiful greens, cukes and tomaters.

Not sure how you would use a case of cucumbers? Love that dewy, moist, balanced skin that you get from being at a spa all day? Get the internal glow by making a batch of cucumber Juice. Straight cucumber juice has amazing hydrating abilities, down to the cellular level…which can help to bring the sparkle back into your skin and eyes..especially after too much time in the sun. “There’s a reason that we use the expression “cool as a cucumber.” If you or a loved one are dealing with an anger issue, bring cucumbers into the diet. Offer cucumber slices to anyone you know can be easily infuriated, disgruntled, crabby, cranky, irritated, heated or down right hostile” – Anthony William, Medical Medium Life Changing Foods.


We’re meeting with the HMO crew soon, but check out these images from our visit last year… Hungry Mother Organics

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