Four Dog Farm Visit

In early May I got to visit David Funk @fourdogfarmer and I had to drive about 4 minutes to get there – not your average farm tour mileage for sure. Beds of various crops surrounded David’s urban residence – there were even rows of garlic, kale, and lettuce growing out front along the sidewalk. Standing in his backyard was a greenhouse his grandfather built and left on the property, held together with some really unique original hardware. This is where Funk began growing seedlings for the GBCFC seedling sale some years ago. The success he had at those sales combined with increasing interest from people in the neighborhood led to a hydroponic expansion in the garage. I asked David how he got into growing in the first place… “It started with this old peach tree – I realized how powerful it was to go out into your own backyard, pick something and eat it right then. I could never stand tomatoes, but I had only ever eaten one store-bought. Then I had a cherry tomato off the vine – still warm from the sun – and that was it. From there I got into the seedling business as a way to encourage people to grow their own and taste the difference. If we see more of these urban farms around, people will realize you don’t need 200 acres – you can do it on 200 square feet and raise a lot of food at least for your own family. As our food gets more tweaked and Frankenstein-ed, it will be more important to know where your food is coming from, beginning to end. So I just want to keep encouraging and educating people to take back that control for themselves.” If you didn’t get a chance to pick up a Four Dog seedling this May you can still get a taste of Funk’s handiwork through @premafarm ‘s goods sold at the coop. Thanks David! -Dane Haman, GBCFC marketing/design/etc


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