Churchill Vineyards at Frey Ranch

Colby and Ashley Frey, the producers and owners of the local Churchill Frey Vineyards in Fallon, NV. We sell their special wine at the coop. These guys go beyond viticulture with their grain production that features rye, barley, corn and wheat. They are classified as an Estate Distillery as they use 100% of this grain for their whiskeys, gin, vodka and other spirits. We were pretty blown away by the minimal energy usage and closed loop systems in place…using pond water to cool the still and sending the spent grain to the local dairy a mile up the road. In return they get the manure from this dairy to help fertilize their grain crops. These producers have created a truly “ground to glass”™, product that made them beam while walking us through their closed loop agricultural systems. 🥃🍷🌽🌱

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 9.25.29 AM

More photos coming soon!

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