DIY Vineagar at Calafuria!!

Tim McGee is in love with fermenting his own vinegars from the fruit that he forages in Reno’s urban core! He let us sample his local Midtown plum balsamic, his very own pear cider vinegar and the newest in his line-up; a local Nevada honey lavender…each one was like nothing we’ve ever tasted! 😍😍 Tim is the owner and executive chef @calafuriarenoHe makes EVERYTHING FROM SCRATCH DAILY using the finest local ingredients from DROPP, our local farmer food hub. After living and cooking for 15 years in Tuscany, Tim has brought a bit of central Italy back to Reno’s very own Midtown. We know where we’re going for dinner this weekend. 💃🏽🍴

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 9.26.56 AM


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