Nevada Chickens are Here!!

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We are SO EXCITED to announce that we have the first ever NEVADA PASTURE RAISED CHICKEN on our shelves! If you don’t know, Nevada does not currently have any poultry processing facilities available to producers. This means that ranchers can’t raise poultry in Nevada for slaughter due to these regulations. But our friends over at Kennedy Ranch have built and certified their own processing facility. This facility is approved by the USDA and exempt from NV regulations. This allows us to source the best chicken possible from our own Nevada ranchers. Kennedy Ranch is located in Lamoille, NV which is just outside of Elko. They are a 4th generation ranch that started in 1860 in Elko county and moved to their current location in 1930. In 2008 Sue Kennedy took over the operation full time and switched the beef production from conventional to direct sale grass fed/grass finished beef. In 2012 they built their processing facility and began producing pasture raised chickens. Sue decided to raise a bird called the Freedom Ranger, as opposed to the conventional CornishX [a genetically modified bird]. The Freedom Rangers take longer to raise because they grow at a natural rate and the whole bird develops equally. They are natural-born foragers and thrive in the open pasture. This natural diet is presently supplemented with a grain feed that is not certified organic – this is due to the challenge of getting organic feed to the ranch in a cost effective manner. We are currently looking into options for Kennedy Ranch to get organic feed out there and they are willing to switch if we can make that happen. Look for these birds in the freezer section next to all of our other local grass fed/finished meats!

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