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Our Co-op’s Annual Seedling Sale this Saturday is going to be tasty! Vegan black bean quinoa burgers, Local Black Rock Bison burgers, Lattin Farms grilled asparagus, Palomino Egg and Holley Family Farms sausage breakfast burritos, our famous kale salad, fresh baked organic croissants made with real butter….and of course Vegan Scones with organic strawberries or […]

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2016 Annual Report – GROWTH

Our team of statisticians have wrapped up with all the number crunching for 2016 and we are pleased to present to you our first bit of data. Last year the most popular phrase uttered by a co-op staff member was “…growing at 25 percent…” which narrowly beat out both “are you a member-owner?” and the […]

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2016 Annual Report – WATER

While its true that the current Sierra Nevada snowpack is at a 22 year high, it wasn’t too long ago [you guys remember 2015?] that measurements were showing the lowest recorded amount – just 5% of the average. Of course this made for some pretty challenging conditions for everyone in our watershed – especially those […]

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Hawk Moth Sighting

More unidentified flying objects at the co-pop, buzzing about in the edible landscape garden out front… Observed and documented by our own Andrew Yokom, and identified by our followers as a hawk moth. Always a treat to watch nature happening right on our front porch.

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2016 Annual Report – HONEY

Bees have been a hot topic the last few years. Seems every other day you read about another species of pollinator going the way of the stegosaurus. We want to keep those little buggers going, as they are said to be responsible for the pollination of 1/3 of the world’s crops. This is one reason […]

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Austin Texas – Big Breakfast Country

At an amazing spot in Austin TX called Thai Fresh… Vegan GF coconut waffles served with tamarind lemongrass maple syrup, with gluten free fried local organic chicken and a pastured egg… Can somebody please start a restaurant like this in Reno? If this dish was done with conventional ingredients we would be stuck in our […]

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