Edible Landscape

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View of the Edible Landscape with hand-painted sign by Nathaniel Benjamin

The Edible Landscape landscape is a demonstration garden of foods that can be grown in the Great Basin. The gardens echo the mission of the Great Basin Community Food Coop of providing wholesome local food that is grown using sustainable growing practices. As such, the majority plants in the plan are edible, from fruit to culinary herbs. The plan includes permanent plantings of fruiting trees, shrubs, and perennials, as well as production beds for growing annual vegetables and herbs.

Various pollinator plants and a Bee Hotel complement the edible plantings to attract beneficial bugs, bees, and butterflies. Maintenance of the Edible Landscape is provided by landscape architect Jana Vanderhaar and Great Basin Community Food Coop member owners.  If you are interested in joining the gardening crew every Thursday morning during the growing season, contact our local food coordinator atlocalfood@greatbasinfood.coop

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The Edible Landscape crew


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