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Order your juice cleanse now using the form below.

Orders placed before 10:00am will be available for in-store pickup the following morning by 8am. Orders placed 10:01am and after will be available the day after next. [*for celery juice and juices containing celery juice, there may be a slight delay as it has become incredibly popular and therefore less reliable to source – juice bar will respond to your order via email in the event an item is not available. Thank you!!]


MASTER CLEANSE – $29.99 (plus $1 refundable deposit per glass jar)

1 MASTER CLEANSE (alkalized water, organic lemon, organic maple syrup, organic cayenne pepper)

2 POWER GREENS (local pea shoots, organic cucumber, organic celery, organic kale, organic lemon)

1 STARBURST (organic orange, organic lemon, organic carrot)

1 FAMILY GREENS (local pea shoots, organic lemon, organic apple, organic cucumber, organic kale)



3 DAY CELERY JUICE RESET- $14.99 (plus $1 refundable deposit per glass jar)

This package includes 3 days of Organic Celery Juice. Drinking celery juice first thing in the morning on an empty stomach is probably the best way to prime your gut for the day. Known to restore your supply of hydrochloric acid and help boost your digestive system. Medical Medium approved!




Department Statement

The GBCFC’S juice bar is committed to serving a hearty selection of freshly prepared juices with only organic fruits and vegetables, zero GMOs, and local produce wherever possible. We will offer seasonal juice cleanses based on in-season fruits and veggies at the peak of their flavor. We will only prepare our juices in reusable containers with a bottle deposit charged to ensure we are keeping packaging out of the landfill and instead being reused. 

As we conduct our business, we will:

  • Use only organic or local GBCFC approved fruits and vegetables for wholesome juices.

  • Provide all options without the use of GMO ingredients.

  • Properly label all food with ingredients and their organic status.

  • Ensure only the freshest juices are on our shelves.


Some of our Juices & Smoothies available fresh every day at the co-op:


CBD Vanilla Chai Mylkshake [temporarily unavailable with CBD]



CBD Cacao Maca Mylkshake [temporarily unavailable with CBD]



Key Lime Pie Mylkshake



Celery Juice



Regional Mandarin Juice – seasonal



Family Greens



Peaches & Greens



Power Greens



The Cure


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