Juice Cleanse FAQs

What is a juice cleanse?

juice cleanse, especially those that last 5 days, can help you feel refreshed, revitalized and restarted by providing your body with fresh, wholesome and raw ingredients. Taking in this all liquid diet of organic fruits and veggies allows your digestive system a break from processing heavy proteins, fat and other components of your everyday diet, filtering your liver, kidneys and gallbladder, providing you with good, clean energy to thrive off of. Nourish, don’t deprive.

Should I cleanse?

People choose to juice cleanse for an array of different reasons – like getting a head start into a new diet or exercise routine, the desire to reduce inflammation or re-boot the digestive tract. Many experience quick results: feeling lighter, clear headed, improved food cravings and even shedding a few pounds. These improvements continue if a proper diet, nutrient intake and research for your body’s specific needs is done.

How do I Start a Juice Cleanse?

1. Review the cleanse options above and decide which cleanse is right for your body’s needs and how long you would like to cleanse. Common lengths are 1, 3, and 5 days. Longer lengths of time are available, but since our suggested shelf life is only 4 days, we recommend separate orders and pick up times to ensure the freshest juice.

2. Submit order after payment and you will receive a confirmation email with a time to pick up in store.

3. It’s cleansing time! Try to finish each day’s juices in the recommended order that is written on each juice, spaced out evenly throughout the day. Using a phone timer is a helpful way to ensure that all the nutrients are getting into your system.

When should I do a juice cleanse?

We recommend planning for a time when you are able to have a reduced workload, allowing yourself to relax and enjoy the process. This is especially important if you are participating in any cleanse for more than 1 day, its best to allow yourself a few days before to prepare and a few days after to return to a normal healthy diet. It’s helpful to have friends and family participate with you! An adventure most everyone can encourage each other through! It’s important to avoid alcohol during this time!

Is Juice Cleansing Safe?

Yes, if you do your research and cleanse sensibly. If you have food allergies, check our ingredients for each product and let us know, we may share prep space with things that you are allergic to. And please communicate any other special dietary needs via email at Juiceorders@greatbasinfood.coop. If you are pregnant or nursing, it is not recommended to do a juice cleanse. Ya know what’s not safe? The standard American diet (abbreviated as SAD for a reason).

Are there any side effects that I can expect?

Every body is different and only you know your body the best. But there are some typical side effects to a juice cleanse that are good to know about and be prepared for. If participating in a juice cleanse lasting more than 1 day, detoxification is at its most drastic and noticeable, as your body adjusts to the new regime. Feeling under the weather, having a headache, fatigue and minor skin blemishes are all common symptoms of detoxification and should be embraced!! This is your body doing great work! More pleasurable results of the juice cleanse should soon follow, including healthier looking skin, clear eyes, better awareness of the effects of certain foods on the body, clarity of mind, improved digestion, positive mood, and an overall sense of well-being. These will be lasting effects if a properly planned diet follows a juice cleanse.

Can I work out while cleansing?

Sure thing! But take it easy- no marathons or anything, a juice cleanse should be respected as its own physical event. That said, light exercise like jogging, walking, roller skating, hiking, skiing, swimming, etc. are all excellent for stimulating your lymphatic movement and encouraging a healthy detoxification. In general, if you plan to exercise, save the sweeter juice for immediately afterwards. The sweetness indicates that the juice is rich in carbohydrates and these will replenish your glycogen stores and help maintain sustained energy levels.

Is it okay to snack on anything during my cleanse? If so, what?

We recommend a total 100%  juice cleanse. When your body spends energy to digest food, the cleansing process is slowed down.. Just like how you may need a nap after eating a large meal. If your body is telling you that you need to eat during your juice cleanse, choose organic fruits, vegetables or soaked nuts and seeds such as the following:

Soaked or sprouted almonds

Is there anything I should do before my cleanse?

Before you start your cleanse, prepare your body! Pre-cleansing helps you get the most bang for your buck! Taking time to precleanse can help ease the detoxification symptoms and even set you up for a more effective cleanse overall!

At least 24 hours prior to your start date, eliminate the following:

Dairy (yogurt, milk, cheese, eggs, etc.)
Wheat (bread, muffins, pastries, pasta, etc.)
Meat (fish, chicken, pork, beef, etc.)
Salt (white or table salt, packaged/processed foods with high sodium content)
Coffee (pro-tip: if you’re currently a regular coffee drinker, switch to freshly brewed yerba mate or green tea, this is also great during your cleanse to help give an extra energy boost!)

** you may reduce and/or eliminate these gradually or all at once, these can all be slowly reintroduced after completion of your cleanse**

Other tips?

Here are some things that you can do to help make your juice cleanse more pleasant and effective

Take a nap –  Rest up and allow your body to cleanse and heal.
Dry skin brush –  Feels nice and is very effective at stimulating lymphatic flow.
Drink herbal teas – Chamomile, peppermint, rooibos, roasted dandelion root.
Take a sauna! – Infrared saunas are especially helpful in assisting in detoxification.
Drink lots of water (more than you would normally)! – This will help with flushing toxins out! You can even start your day with a glass of hot water and lemon or a lemon/cayenne/ginger shot to stimulate your digestive fire!
Enema – do a warm water or herbal tea enema in the morning and in the evening to assist in removing toxins from your intestines and colon.
Vitamin D – Get outside! Soak up some sun!
It’s critical to allow your body to come out of your cleanse just as you went into it, slowly introduce eliminated ingredients back into your diet, you don’t want to undo all of the hard work your body just did!

Ready to get your cleanse started?


Additional questions?

Reach out via email at juiceorders@greatbasinfood.coop

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