Our Local Foodshed

Great Basin Food Coop Food Shed Map

This map shows the location of the local farms that supply the Great Basin Community Food Co-op.  The GBCFC defines locally produced goods as those sourced from within our Foodshed.  Our Local Foodshed is based off of the three closest river systems and their watersheds/drainages:  The Truckee River, The Carson River, and The Walker River. In the bottom left hand corner of the map, there is a miniature version displaying concentric circles which indicate where the 100, 150, and 200 mile radii lie.

When something is unavailable from our Foodshed, we source the item from as close as possible.  We believe that if we are good stewards of our watershed, utilize sustainable growing practices, and produce the goods that are needed to sustain life from within our watershed, we will find ourselves to be living in a healthier ecosystem and that our community will be better nourished.  By providing more sustenance at home for ourselves, we simultaneously reduce the tendency to exploit the watersheds of other locales and peoples.

Download a high-quality version of the GBCFC Foodshed Map: PDF | JPG

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