Purpose Statement and Ends


Our purpose is to promote our local food system* and to serve as a sustainable cooperative model for access to wholesome food.5465497335_375d951ec3

*What is a food system?

A food system includes all processes and infrastructure involved in feeding a population: growing, harvesting, processing, packaging, transporting, marketing, consumption and nutrient recycling/composting of food and food-related items.

Ends Policies

Under the Policy Governance model adopted by the Board of Directors, “Ends” describe the desired outcomes of the GBCFC cooperative community. Our Ends take into account a “triple bottom line” that reflects the co-op’s economic, social, and environmental values. The co-op’s General Manager implements and measures achievement of Ends, with oversight by the Board.

As a result of our efforts, we will have:

1.    Broad access to local and organic food.

2.    A knowledgeable and empowered community that can make informed food choices.

 3.    A gathering place where people can gain a greater awareness of the 7 cooperative principles through engagement, ownership and community.

 4.    An economically viable, cooperatively owned business that creates a social and economic network that is just, trustworthy, and transformative.

 5.    A stronger local food system, which includes a marketplace that uses fair and just buying practices to support growers, vendors, and artisans from within our food shed.

 6.    A local business that models, practices, and promotes environmental stewardship.

 7.     A cooperative work environment that is respectful and diverse, providing a livable wage and benefits to a  self directed, effective employee who is a partner in achieving our business goals.

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