No Bloating on This Gravy Train!

Why use an alternative thickener in your vegan or meat based gravy this year? Most grains (if not handled, stored, and prepared properly) and primarily refined grains like white flour are considered to be anti-nutrients. This means that they interfere with the absorption of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. They can even get in the […]

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Turkey Tips

Turkey Pick up begins today at the co-op! Be sure to use your $5 off member coupon when purchasing your bird or your vegan/veggie alternative. We have Field Roasts, Tofurkeys and plenty of hearty local roots and veggies for a DIY vegan thanksgiving loaf. As part of our Nutrient Dense Thanksgiving recipe and info series, […]

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Matches and Buttons and Benke, OH MY

We now have FREE kitchen matches for all your incendiary needs as well as FREE co-op buttons for all your jacket/bag/suspenders decorating needs. Just remember, only YOU can prevent forest fires! [And you might want to take your coat off before you apply your new Love Your Farmer or Dave Benke little league pin].   […]

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