Place a Special Order

In addition to a gigantic selection of groceries, you can now bulk special order from your favorite local farmers!

Email to be added to the weekly local availability list.

In order to place any orders you must be a current member owner of the GBCFC. If you are not current or would like to sign up as a member-owner, you can do so in the co-op during business hours. Special ordering saves an average of 10 – 20% off our retail prices. Please note a member must be a living breathing person and cannot be a business entity, though you can add your business name as the secondary name on your account which will enable your staff to use the account to purchase for your business.

Place your order by 12 noon on Wednesdays for pick up at the GBCFC on  Friday between 1pm & 3pm. If you need to arrange an alternate pick-up time or date, please communicate directly via email:

Order confirmations will be emailed on Thursday afternoons. We will call you when your order is checked in on Friday and will run payment over the phone. Orders not paid for by 1pm on the day of pick-up can not be picked up. If you have questions and need to speak to a human, you can reach us on our designated special order phone number (775) 636-2200.

All sales are final. Please check the quality of your products at the time of pick up and report any issues immediately.

Distributor Catalogs & Local Producer Availability

  • Local & Regional Produce & Products: We will email an availability list weekly by 5pm on Tuesday. If you would like to be added to this list please submit an order form and indicate this in the Notes section of the Order Request Form below.
  • Veritable Vegetable: Veritable Vegetable Availability List 6.5.20
  • UNFI (United Natural Foods): UNFI CATALOG JULY-DECEMBER 2020
    • Pro Tip: use “Command F or Control F” to search the UNFI Catalog. It is massive!
  • Tony’s Fine Foods: Please inquire using our special order form notes

Order Request Form

All orders must be submitted using our special order form.

Please include the following details in your order form

Distributor/Producer Name, Item Code, Brand Name, Item Description, Pack Size, and Number of Cases. UNFI & Tony’s orders must include the five digit item code found in the UNFI catalog. Item codes can also be found on shelf tags at the store. Local & Veritable items do not have a product code and the item code field can be left blank. 

Please indicate in the Notes section of this form if you need a price confirmation before placing your order. Prices are subject to change.

    All fields required.

    Add Your Order Items or Upload Spreadsheet

    Distributor Item Code Brand Name Product Description Pack Size Number of Cases

    Add Another Item

    You can use .xls, .xlsx, .xlsm, .xslb, .ods, and .csv formats. If a file is uploaded,
    the table above will be ignored.

    Let us know if you couldn't find an item code, etc. or have other questions.

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