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Let’s Get Movin’

Store Relocation + Member Loan Drive Presentations We are down to our last 2 moving presentations…don’t miss your chance to get involved with the future success of YOUR local food co-op! Sign-up at rsvp.greatbasinfood.coop As of this morning, our co-op has received $72,000 in member loan pledges towards the move!! We have also received $7,910 in […]

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Fresh, Local and Organic Gluten-Free Baked Goods, DIY Guide to Reno, and more ways to get involved in YOUR co-op’s move!!

New at the Co-op this Week Fresh, Local and Organic Gluten-Free Breads, Baguettes and Cinnamon Rolls from Haven on Earth certified GF Bakery in Reno. We are excited to say that they have created their first organic and gluten-free line for the co-op!! Find them fresh and in our frozen section. DIY! Reno’s DIY guide […]

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Critical Food Safety Vote in less than 24 hours!

We urge everyone out there who has not already contacted our Senators to please do fist thing in the morning! The future of small family farms and local food is at stake! On Nov. 17, the Senate is finally set to vote on the controversial bill (s.510), and small-scale and organic farmers urgently need two important amendments so the new regulations don’t place huge financial burdens on small farmers. Without these two important amendments — currently opposed by all the big names in agribusiness — small farmers will not be protected from inappropriate regulations meant to curtail the largest and most likely culprits of food safety outbreaks in the U.S.: giant, consolidated agribusinesses and their massive processing partners. Senator Harry Reid contact number: (202) 224-3542; Senator John Ensign contact number: (202) 224-6244

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