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WE DID IT!!! $416,000 in member-owner pledges!!!

Believe it. It’s real. Our community-owned food co-op has received $416,244 in member pledges and membership equity 10 year investments in order to proceed with constructing and moving into the new store / new co-op location. Our goals was $415,000 in order to begin our work on the community cafe and commercial basement kitchen.

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We’re moving in!! Come take a tour of the new co-op site…

The Great Basin Community Food Cooperative has officially raised enough $$ in member loan pledges to move forward with signing the lease for the new store / new co-op!! Our minimum turn around point was $277,000. We are now at $329,363 in member loan pledges and 10 year membership equity payments!! If we raise another $86,000 then we can start our planning for the co-op community kitchen and cafe. See the carrot money thermometer.

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Earn 3% interest by pledging a loan to YOUR food co-op!

The Member Loan Drive is doing phenomenally well, we are well over $200,000 towards our basic move-in goal of $277,000.  The ultimate goal, of course, is to open the community cafe and commercial kitchen at the same time as all of our other departments on September 1,2011…which brings us back to our initial goal of […]

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