Thanksgiving 2017

Our Thanksgiving hours for 2017 are from 8am-2pm on Thanksgiving (November 23rd), and regular hours every other day of the week – 8am – 9pm

Check out our Thanksgiving specials below, as well as our favorite Thanksgiving recipes right from our very kitchen!!!




Preorder your turkey for Thanksgiving 2017 by emailing Megan:

This year we’re offering only organic, heirloom organic, or pastured turkeys, as an attempt to move away from conventional agriculture. We would love to offer local turkeys, but until some laws in the state change, small producers just aren’t able to raise poultry for retail sale in Nevada. So we’re working with Diestel Ranch over in Sonora, CA, who raise the highest quality (and animal-welfare based) turkeys you can find at such a scale, while keeping our fingers crossed for our local farmers.

Organic Hens – $3.99/lb These birds are raised on certified organic non GMO feed.  They are fed a 100% vegetarian diet with no antibiotics, growth stimulants, or hormones.  We have size options of 6-10lb, 10-12lb, 12-14lb, 14-16lb, 16-18lb, 18-20lb, and 20-22lb
Organic Heirloom- $4.99-lb These birds are broad breasted and typically have more meat and less fat then other turkeys.  They are also fed 100% organic and non gmo feed along with a vegetarian diet, no antibiotics, hormones, or growth stimulants. We have size options of 10-12lb, 12-14lb, and 14-16lb.
Pasture Raised- $7.99/lb  These birds are raised entirely on green, irrigated pastures.  The turkeys are continuously rotating pastures with chickens, goats, sheep, and hogs to ensure the soil nutrients are replenished.  As with the other birds, they are never given antibiotics or growth stimulants and are raised on foraged feed and 100% vegetarian grain.  We only have 10-12lb birds available in this option.
Pick-up times will be between Saturday November 18th and Thanksgiving Day itself, until we close early at 2pm so all our staff can enjoy a delicious dinner with friends and family :)
For any other questions on turkeys, email
For all our other holiday offerings, check out what we’re doing in the kitchen!
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Local not-quite-pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, and DROPP biscuits
Available from November 1 – November 25. Made fresh daily!Instead of pumpkins, we made our pies with local Futsu squash, which are sweeter than pumpkin! They’re also the best for “pumpkin pies” according to Scott Goodpasture of Pioneer Farm over in Fallon. He encouraged us to try them and we are in love! Take home a whole pie or get your slice served with organic whipped cream or vegan whip. (Gluten-Free & Vegan options available)

Our cranberry sauce is made from scratch using only fresh organic cranberries, organic oranges, and organic maple syrup – a simple, semi-tart and refreshing palate cleanser.

DROPP” Biscuits are made from scratch using all organic and local ingredients! (Gluten-Free & Vegan options available)


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