Department Statement


Our Non Foods department aims to always provide clean and pure options for the products carried in the department.  Non-Foods buyers will meet the following criteria for products:

  • Give preference to locally produced products. We will provide options made in the USA when available.

  • Give preference to products that are produced sustainably and promote social equity, environmental stewardship and cooperative values.

  • Give preference to products that promote fair and just labor practices that include fair wages, willful employment, and third party evaluation.

  • Preference to post consumer recycled whenever available.  They will also be free of potentially harmful additives and treatments when possible.

  • Free of artificial fragrances and colors.

  • Reusable and once expired, compostable.

  • Recyclable, and/or biodegradable.


The wellness department at The GBCFC is committed to providing customers with health and beauty products that are not tested on animals and that are made with plant-based ingredients. We will offer carefully selected body care products, whole food and organic supplements and a wide selection of vitamins. We will also source locally when possible.

As we conduct our business, we will:

  • Offer products that are free from heavy metals, artificial fragrances or colors, etc.

  • Offer a vast array of USDA Organic and Non-GMO supplement options.

  • Offer a selection of whole food and organically grown nutritional and herbal supplements, locally or regionally manufactured when possible.

  • Provide products that honor a holistic approach to wellness and healing.


Tina Hodge from Eagle Peak Herbals



Felix and Shanna of Strongheart Medicinals

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