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Wellness Wednesday: Non-GMO month

Non-GMO Month All over our store, you’ve probably noticed butterflies hanging from the ceiling and tons of stickers marking Non-GMO products. The truth is that in many grocery stores and supermarkets across North America, there’s an abundance of products made with genetically modified organisms. As consumers, we have a right to know what’s in our [...]

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Wellness Wednesday: Nutrients before 9am!

We make on average 200 food choices each day – and most of them we make without even thinking! The easiest way to make sure you get plenty lovely nutrients is to make them part of your breakfast. Here are some ideas to start the day right: Mini Quinoa Breakfast Quiches: In a bowl combine, [...]

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Wellness Wednesday: Fall fitness

To keep fit this fall, you don’t need to pull a hamstring! Check out these great activities that burn a surprising amount of calories*. Raking Leaves – 1 hr burns 315 Calories Picking Pumpkins- 30 min burns 109 Calories Fall Foliage Hike- 1 hr burns 400 calories Gardening – 1 hr burns 290 calories Flag [...]

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Celebrate our Right to Choose Non-GMO

OCTOBER IS NON-GMO MONTH Together with Non-GMO Project, the Co-op is raising awareness of Genetically Modified Foods this month. What are GMOs? GMOs are plants or animals created through gene splicing techniques used in biotechnology. GMOs are the result of merging DNA from different species, creating unstable combinations of plant, animal, bacterial and viral genes that [...]

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