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The Co-op Holiday Gift Guide

  It’s that time of year again. We know when you think about holiday gift shopping, a grocery store isn’t normally the first thing to come to mind (“I got you these onions!!!”), but hear us out. Between our GBCFC merchandise and everything upstairs in the Wellness Department, you’re bound to find something for everybody […]

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Davidson’s Organics Tea: the 1-2 Punch of Local and Bulk

One of our main objectives at the GBCFC is to provide access to local, organic food whenever possible. And as you know, we’ve always sung praises about the merits of buying in bulk. So in our eyes, Davidson’s Organics is the complete package: available in bulk, certified USDA Organic, and based right here in Reno! […]

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Pit Puddy is BACK!

Previously, one of our best sellers up in the Wellness department has been Golden Monarch Herbal’s Pit Puddy. Customers and staff alike were known to be quite in love with the effectiveness of this product. After GMH’s owner, Tai, left Nevada to attend herbalist school in Oregon, production had to cease for a bit. Upon […]

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Co-op Holiday Hours and Local Stuffing

  Organic Local Regular, GF Sausage and Vegan Stuffing made with Reno Local Food Group Bread and BREAD SRSLY GF Sourdough just hit the shelves! We also used Non GMO Holley’s, sage, fennel, thyme and local apples for the meat versions. We have 25 more local Pioneer Farms pumpkin pies, plenty of ready to bake […]

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